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    I actually knew that the DSG gearbox usually stutters and makes a weird sound when accelerating from stand or down/up shifting quickly even before I got the car since I drove my friend's Ibiza quite a lot, and one of the main reasons I got the Leon is because his car was great and had absolutely 0 problems until the mechatronic issue. Dont throw parts at it hoping it will fix problem. The 7 speed DQ200 dsg gearbox can most definitely get an oil change! The gearbox comprises of two sections, one is for gears and shafts and the other is the mechatronics unit. Mr Ant New Member. From diagnoses on one of our top-of-the-range machines, to fault finding electrical problems, replacing and re-flashing gearbox ECU’s and clutch actuators to reconditioning of gearboxes, we can do it. Those can happilly sit stationary and will slip in gear with the only impact on fuel consumption. Having said that, my wife has a Polo with a 1. MHH AUTO MHH AUTO FORUMS. The only issue when replacing the clutch pack was that we didn't know which ring (there were 10 in the replacement pack) to use as we didnt have the tool to do the measuring. 0 litres) all have the dry clutch DSG to avoid. Then the transmission seemed to re-engage and disengage several times. Gearbox / mechatronic problem? Thread starter geoff_fry01 Sep 13, 2017 · I've got a 150 DSG, and at just over 5k miles, I accelerated from a set of lights, just having left a motorway after a 5 hour drive into the middle of France, and our gearbox did a very similar thing. Again DSG isn't a generic transmission, stop thinking of it like it is. the same judder from 1st to 2nd gear before and after the 'not a recall'. You have no real evidence to to your comment that some DSG gearbox problems may in fact have been DMF or vice versa. Start your search for a new Volkswagen >> 1. DSG, great for the drag strip, not so great for commuting. It doesnt adapt to different drivers only the throttle input. I would like to know if this S Tronic gearbox is exactly the same as the DSG fitted to any model in the VW range. NO FORUM Nov 30, 2017 · Forums. 6 diesel fitted with a DSG box. The rest is gear box with clutch closet to the engine. Got a courtesy car (Rapid) so happy to wait until it gets fixed. Things like sharply going brake-accelerate-brake-accelerate over and over will stress the system, particularly if a lot of throttle is used each time. Mar 01, 2007 · The DSG is incapable of this. Hi, I have a 2013 VW Passat 1. Car came back driving worse than before, and dealer advised it needed new spark plug. My second reply also addressed DSG in just under 50% of the text. i had read the rave reviews of the yeti and was looking forward to ownership (and a bigger boot) after 7 happy years in a 1. 4. Jan 04, 2017 · My son's Seat Ibiza DSG gearbox has failed at 41,000 miles. 5 TSi DSG SE. Average failure mileage is 55,950 miles. Is this normal? This is the first car i have driven with DSG gearbox. I have a "row you own" gearbox, but still find the DSG fascinating. Jun 16, 2020 · That is where most of the problems are in the DSG. Nov 10, 2020 · Hi all. The problem that you have described is generally more prevalent with the manual gearbox. It worth getting it reset so it can relearn positions and clamping pressures. I don't want to saddle my dad with headaches of Oct 28, 2016 · hello allI am a newbie here. 3K likes. Jan 20, 2019 · DSG stands for Direct-Shift Gearbox, and it incorporates the best of both worlds into its design. Quivering On Engine Start. In this Video i will show you HOW To Reset DSG Gearbox without an vag com Easy and FastComment Like and Subscribe Apr 11, 2016 · Made popular by the Volkswagen group, the compact DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox, or Direktschaltgetriebe) was the first twin-clutch transmission to be released on mainstream sale from 2003. The six-speed wet clutch maintenance DSG is reasonably reliable as long as the fluid is replaced every three years. The transmission had the 80,000 miles service done on it also. The 2006 Volkswagen Golf has 1 problems reported for dsg gearbox failure. Other carmakers have developed their own versions, in collaboration with transmission specialists, so we shall call ‘DSG’ “Twin Clutch Transmissions”. Same goes for the longitudinal seven-speed s-tronic in Audi A4s, A5s, Q5s, A7s and A8s. I expected smooth changes as per fully automatic gearbox. May 13, 2015 · There are plenty of websites, forums, and communities of people describing problems with their DSG gearbox (which really is terrifying to read). from the outset i found Apr 21, 2017 · Turns out it's a mechatronic unit fault which seems to be a common fault with the VAG DSG gearbox. First, after sitting in the garage overnight, a typical morning trying to get the car to start ends in at least two frustrating attempts before it catches and fires up. I had to remove the end of the gearbox and the mechatronic unit to gain access to the sensor. Average failure mileage is 9,200 miles. 3. I believe the VW code number for the seven speed DSG is Volkswagen Group internal code: DQ200, parts code prefix: 0AM. Ravenna Blue, Active info, Rear View Camera, Park assist ordered 3/8/19 Build week 39 confirmed 30/8/19 In transit 28/9/2019 Arrived in UK 3/10/2019 The problem is that some car manufacturers set up the transmission to work like a conventional automatic, so the gearbox keeps going into and out of gear, rather than working like a person using a There’s a baffling array of automatic gearboxes available on new cars. 2 se outdoor dsg on a 64 plate. Well it's certainly been widely reported. 8 tsi with most of the symptoms listed for the DSG gearbox problem including: 1. While most cars come with one clutch, the second one works out which gear you’re Apr 01, 2008 · Ok ive got an update on this, the vehicle went into audi for a recall and at the same fault was diagnosed and they quoted for the replacement of the gearbox temp/speed sensor. although it is not a very powerful engine , nothing remapped or something, i have the same problem when DSG changes from 3 to 2, deaccelerating and after, that lag when accelerating again. Result new clutch pack at great expense, thankfully under warranty. Transmission issues can be the worst, as they are confusing, inconvenient and can be expensive to fix. Have noticed the gear changes are a bit jerky. Do I love the gearbox and would I recommend it to anyone - you bet you cotton hello everybody, i have just found this old topic. Re: DSG gearbox fault Post by wwgxrww » Thu Nov 21, 2019 7:26 am I also have 7 speed kodiaq 2018 after I complete the service of 10,000 km the gearbox show faulty and stop working ( this was on 11 October 2019) Sep 19, 2017 · No further problem after the replacement but I thought I could hear a noise starting in the gearbox like a bearing on the way out (note changing as speed increased) so bought a new mk7 1. Mine had the dsg oil change that skoda said was not a recall. A transverse dual clutch transmission, it was brought in to supercede the 6-speed “DQ250” DSG unit, and is finding itself in more and more vehicles. I had close to 300,000 miles on my JSW when it went back to VW and it has the DMF replaced and the oil changes. I had it serviced and had it ready for East coast weather. Me personally would avoid a DSG gearbox at all cost. I traded in my 07 DSG after 2500 miles for a 6-speed for these reasons. . BUT (and its a big but), he knows his way around cars so is careful the way he drives it (i. Dealer advised the DSG Clutch(s) needed replacement, and that was done. The 'box moved to neutral, and the ACC/ABS/Airbag lights all came on with associated beeps, but the stick was still in "D". Volkswagen Models Non Current. The Service record confirms that it had a DSG clutch replacement and also a DSG oil change as part of a recall at circa 20,000 miles when they changed from synthetic oil to mineral because of known issues. My husband loves this car and takes excellent care of all of our cars, my 1998 Toyota has 250,000 miles with no problems. Not being able to select any gears or start the car (with 'P' light on selector flashing) 2. Also, for some reason the DSG has almost no engine braking. The mechatronics unit is the black box that faces the front of the vehicle. Car was in perfect condition and it had 90,000 miles. I wouldnt bother with a different dsg map as the standard map is pretty good. So i was following along all the steps that ross tech has put up on the website to basically do the reset. Troubled tech could bring VW-Audi-Skoda owners in for a second recall to remedy loss in power, preventing cars from restarting. People often assume it to be one of the DSG transmission problems. Dsg gearbox problem dtc 19143 – 14-10-2017, 06:19 PM This seemed to resolve the problem. Many lights on the dashboard on (including the EPC). Thank you for your reply, shnazzle. Did it stop me buying one- certainly not. False Neutral DSG problem Well, it happened again last night doing 70 on the freeway - put on the flashers, coasted to the slow lane, transmission display flashing on MFD. However, it is actually related to the transmission area and not the transmission This is a very common problem for all Volkswagen and Audi vehicles fitted with the DSG (Mechatronic) 6-speed gearbox system. Transmission has failed -mechanic said a part in the transmission failed and 2 of wheels were bent inside. I do mine once every 6 months as I have obdeleven. The class action says the DSG transmissions cause sudden rough shaking and violent jerking when drivers accelerate and shift into 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear. Sep 01, 2010 · Had a drive in a Peugeot 3008 1. If left to cool down then the DSG gearbox Hi everyone im about to buy a Skoda superb 2009 2. Let’s get to know how an automatic gearbox or the transmission can trouble you and what can be the possible solutions. The Tiptronic Transmission. My 2009 GTI DSG transmission is making some weird noises. all is not well. But the propensity of the system to seek a higher gear does lead to high torque at low engine speeds. i'm not a gti owner, my car is a gof VI, 1. Due to unexpected popularity, Volkswagen decided to sell the car in the United States and Australia as the 2004 model year Volkswagen R32. The VW DSG transmission is similar to all other common DCT designs in that it is effectively two separate electronically controlled manual transmissions built into one. Dec 28, 2020 · There are several common, 7 speed DSG gearbox problems. The problem box was the seven-speed dry clutch no maintenance DSG fitted to lower powered engines. News. The Volkswagen's Tiptronic transmission is very modern and uses cutting edge technology. The car gave no warning and has a full dealer service history. The gearbox is the 02E modell. 0TDI 2012 CCWA Dec 09, 2020 · The gearbox will react to your throttle input and change gear accordingly. Symptoms include a loss of drive, poor shift quality, shuddering on take-off and a gearbox Jul 17, 2013 · 2007 GTI W/DSG 43,000 MILES About 2 months ago the transmission was slipping at higher RPM'S. Together, by supplying any information about defected DSG gearboxes, We can Prove the problems in them and force the manufacturer to call them back, so that we can Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. We are having a problem with our 2009 vw passat with the DSG gearbox mechatronics unit (225 000 km). Fortunately, we can help you tell your CVT from your DSG Apr 20, 2016 · Audi A3: Transmission Diagnostic Guide. Is there any solution for make this DSG gearbox virgin? Audi Q5 3. You've been given advice by some of the more experienced people in this forum, if I were you,I'd take it. Pictured is Ford/Volvo’s version, called Jul 29, 2018 · Address 02: Auto Trans Labels: 0AM-927-769. 0TFSI S Line 2009 fitted with S tronic gearbox. I have a yeti 1. The problem will normally be intermittent with the P R N D S light flashing and the gearbox going into the neutral (N) position, being unable to select forward or reverse gears. Aug 27, 2012 · Widespread problem. The place to discuss all things Borderlands 3! (No spoilers!) Borderlands 3 General Discussion Here’s the place for conversation about Borderlands 3! If you want to talk about story spoilers, there’s a place for you that is not here. A mate has a diesel Passat (6spd DSG) with over 400,000 km on it with no problems at all. DSG is the Volkswagen marketing acronym for their family of dual-clutch transmissions or DCT. 1. VW have told me our car would not have been effected by that recall. 2 DSG engine which doesn't show even the slightest sign of hesitation at any time. The wet clutches all require a change of transmission fluid and filter every three years or 38,000 miles whichever come first, costing £200-£300 a time. Golf 6 (type 5K) 2009 - 2012 Mk6 Golf 1. Aug 28, 2020 · Gearbox Problem. Should you stay clear of DSG TT's - only you can decide mate. The DSG gearbox is used in many makes, eg VAG Ford, and some japanese and korean cars, and many millions of units are on the road. Problems reported on forums etc represent only a small percentage, the majority of DSG cars are very reliable. Diagnose problem first, then fix the problem. 4tsi match 6 speed 1st March with a 6 speed manual box, great, no dsg but everything else is auto - lights, wipers, handbrake, start stop etc so maybe too Nov 07, 2018 · This is a known problem with dsg 7 speed gearbox of this year. Using an advanced electro-hydraulic control module to control clutch application and gear shifting, the DSG can bring the driving comfort of a full automatic to the table while still getting the greater efficiency of the manual-style gears. Nov 19, 2010 · I believe the problem has something to do with a control component on the transmission. 0L Lux, Eismeer Blue, cornsilk beige Nov 30, 2019 · My first reply to Dusty post related soley to DSG. DSG GearBox Problems. The DSG is like waiting for an elevator to come down. Jun 11, 2016 · Personally I think the DSG is excellent. Problems with transmission started, at times the car would NOT come out of 2nd. clb Part No SW: 0AM 300 050 D HW: 0AM 927 769 D Component: GSG DSG AG7 431 9062 Revision: 00043014 Serial number: 5ZV01305131227 Coding: 0000020 Shop #: WSC 13835 001 104857 VCID: 2A0DFE7F00FFD6A70F0-807E 4 Faults Found: 005981 - Clutch 1 Opens Unintentionally P175D - 000 - - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00100000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault Jun 10, 2018 · Hello everyone! So i have a small problem with my late 2003 Golf MKIV R32 with DSG. 2008 2. Minimises shock to the drive train, avoids excess engine revs, has Sports mode and a Manual mode, each of which have their own uses. For this reason we decided to show you how we can solve these transmissio Jan 12, 2019 · Link to press release; Again in 2002, Volkswagen produced the Golf R32 in Europe. 2. Menu. Small engines (under 2. will not go back to i have a dsg box in a golf gti mk. e. The 2014 Volkswagen Touareg has 1 problems reported for dsg gearbox vibration. Did a quick Google search and it looks like a common fault, however, my car only had about 250 miles on the clock when it first happened. While VW claimed that all the evils were fixed by the time the Golf 7 came out in 2013, experience suggests that there are still some examples of this gearbox giving trouble. The biggest potential reliability glitch with this car is the DSG transmission. i find i switch in to sport mode approaching roundabouts or Jun 10, 2014 · The problems are mainly due to a fault in the Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) system. . it has just had its second service. Ninety nine percent of my DSG problem were in backing up on a hill. Lots of people buy VW cos they have never tried VW and seemed worth it at current COE and also long warranty offered vs the likes of BMW, MErc or Audi. DSG stands for "Direkt-Schalt-Getriebe," or direct-shift gearbox. I noticed this problem after i tried to do the basic setting/reset of my DQ250 DSG6 gearbox. I have had no problems what so ever with the DSG and find if very reliable to the point were I wouldn't have anything else. Interesting thread, to say the least. This guide details the issues that effect, Audi S Tronic, VW, Seat and Skoda models which can be repaired, modified or replaced with fully reconditioned units. I speak from experience as I had 2011 1. Riding for 47 Years Our forum has sub-forums for recall notices, and there I don't think that I would have given this a second thought if I haven't read the separate "kangaroo" thread on this forum. 9tdi dsg Golf. A one-stop specialist, we specialise in all aspects of repairs to automatic and semi-automatic gearboxes. I was checking out DSG filter kits at TDi Parts and noticed for an '06 BRM there are both automatic transmission fluid ATF for Tiptronic (G052990A2)and also DSG gearbox lubricant (G052182A2)? Mar 06, 2019 · Hi Jon, I have had my 204 dsg kombi for 5 weeks, always had manual , I have driven bmw, Lexus, Merck’s, and jaguar cars, ford custom van, Vito van, Toyota van, Nissan van and ford ranger pick up, none of them compare to the vw kombi, it is brilliant, mpg is great , just done 400miles on m1 recently had averaged between 39-41 doing 70-80mes a hour, in town average 32-37 . It was the world's first production car with a dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) — available for the German market. Am I concerned about a failure of the gearbox - no ill deal with it like any other mechanical failure. Aug 17, 2018 · PROBLEMS WITH REVERSING INCLINES WITH DSG Gearbox I posted last week about my 2017 204 ocean , darting backwards in reverse after what seems like failure to select reverse I have spoken with VW UK HEADQUARTERS They say they need 5 people to complain and then they will open a case to look into the problem and rectify accordingly . 0 CR elegance with 110 k miles on board and the current owner said the car needs a gearbox oil and filter change and it’s due the Cumbelt and water pump as well he said that when engine temperature it’s low he can feel changing gears a bit rough b Jun 14, 2017 · Forums. 7. it’s good, but does take a while to get used to, and you do have to play the dsg’s game. In fact you'll probably find more posts about the DMF flywheel and clutch than DSG causing problems, but at much higher milages than most of the vehicles on this Forum. I had mk6 golf with a DSG, it was running fine for 2-3 years (approx 70k miles at the time). 0 litre petrol or diesel engines have the DQ250, DQ381 or DQ500. In our workshop we always find problems on dry dual clutch transmission of Audi A1. General discussions. Buy. Even a good conventional automatic can kick down fast. The mechanic suggested we give vw a ring re the old recall from 2013. TCM failing to communicate when scanning codes through ODB. 6 mpi engine and DSG7 gearbox. Volkswagen Australia said the DSG gearbox’s “pressure accumulator housing” could cause a loss of oil and pressure in the hydraulic system of the gearbox and “cause an interruption to power”. 2 dsg yeti some time ago. Thread starter Mr Ant; Start date Aug 28, 2020; M. clb Part No SW: 0AM 300 050 D HW: 0AM 927 769 D Component: GSG DSG AG7 431 9062 Revision: 00043014 Serial number: 5ZV01305131227 Coding: 0000020 Shop #: WSC 13835 001 104857 VCID: 2A0DFE7F00FFD6A70F0-807E 4 Faults Found: 005981 - Clutch 1 Opens Unintentionally P175D - 000 - - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00100000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault Nov 04, 2020 · Audi DSG (direct-shift gearbox) transmission problems have caused a lawsuit that alleges 2010-2014 Audi S4, S5, S6, S7 and RS5 vehicles are defective. But chances are higher it seemed from many VW forums - small or big problem will appear in the 1st or Oct 23, 2012 · For example, I own an Audi Q5 2. My car was shipped to New York so my daughter could drive it while attending college. It has to be driven differntly to an old style torque converter gearbox. VW recalls 80,000 cars over DSG transmission problems. Basically it is a semi-automatic. Mar 13, 2019 · Common 6-Speed DSG Transmission Problems. like a video or web page or forum thread about this exact problem. Knowing what the problem is before you go to the shop can save you some money, so read on. Volkswagen has also had problems with its high-end paddle gearbox, the Tiptronic transmission system. A few weeks ago i set to replacing the Transmission Input Speed Sensor G182. Can anyone shed some light on this? It seems like we are in the right model number/timeframe. Sell. Apart from a few problems with the dry clutch version fitted to some small cars like the polo etc I would say Dsg gearbox problems ceased to be an issue on almost The electronic gearbox control can not possibly be completely fool-proof, and it seems that some (not all) DSG problems can be sourced back to the way it's been driven. Car was driving great for a day, and then 2007 Volkswagen GTI w/less than 50,000 road miles. Feb 06, 2019 · A DSG (direct-shift gearbox) is a type of automatic gearbox with two clutches, which few other automatics have. May 24, 2013 · The DSG is a brilliant piece of kit and I think all the previous problems have been ironed out. my car has still warranty and this problem begins to appear from about 5000Km Jul 29, 2018 · Address 02: Auto Trans Labels: 0AM-927-769. , no treating it like a torque convertor equiped car and creeping at lights, etc) AND of that 400,000+ km, 95%+ is highway k's Jan 18, 2019 · The 7-speed DSG automatic transmission—or DQ200—is a transmission that is growing rapidly in popularity. Forum. Mar 14, 2011 · Page 4 of 75 - Gearbox issues; and problems at VW Service Centre - posted in Volkswagen Auto Club: Think I will steer clear of VW in future. 6 TDI Automatic DSG. May 13, 2019 · The standard had previously always been the torque converter automatic (slush) gearbox and, on a few small cars, perhaps a teeth-grindingly awful continuously variable transmission (CVT). is the frankly appalling story of Volkswagen Australia's perverse reluctance to assist hundreds of customers plagued by DSG transmission power loss problems, and My 2006 A3, always driven in DSG mode, has multiple transmission issues but none that are reproduceable enough for me to take it into the dealer and have them check out. I never missed the manual, but then I am lazy and the DMF probably shifts better than 99% of the manual experts.